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Marriage Preparation


Congratulations On Your Decision To Be Married

Christ, Prince of Peace offers marriage preparation two different ways. The couple planning to marry can do a six session program with Esther and Steve Shutt (801-771-2491) with the sessions scheduled in the evening. The other way is to attend a Marriage Encounter weekend. These are normally scheduled for the Ogden area starting Friday evening and concluding Sunday afternoon. There may be scholarship funds available for the lower grades. Please be sure to read this whole section on Marriage Preparation and then discuss your options with the Deacon.

The Sacrament of Marriage is a serious and sacred life long commitment. What is celebrated on a wedding day is the beginning of a life long journey–a journey of promise and hope, a journey of love and faithfulness.

Christians are called to be faithful witnesses in a world where commitments are too often unfulfilled. Marriage promises are a life long commitment – to fidelity, to ongoing fostering of love, to mutual respect and caring. The stability of the marital relationship and health of family life depend on faithfulness to the marriage promises. Sacramental grace enables Christian commitments to be lived fully. Those who undertake the vocation of marriage should have already received all the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation). If not, it is recommended that you enroll in our Adult Confirmation Program for the reception of any sacraments that you have not received.

It is hoped the marriage preparation process will help you grasp the sacredness of your marriage vows, and help you prepare to live the promises as well.

The months preceding marriage are a crucial time for focusing on the proper relationship between marriage and sexuality. Premarital chastity best expresses the profound respect a couple has for one another and the respect they manifest toward their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit. Catholic teaching and increasing evidence indicates that sexual activity and cohabitation before marriage are not instrumental to the marriage relationship and contribute to its demise. Accordingly, observing the proper discipline of sexuality before marriage is important to develop a mature and lasting marriage relationship. Couples are encouraged to discuss with those preparing them for marriage the importance and challenges of chastity prior to marriage.

Planning For Marriage

Couples are to contact the pastor six months before the proposed date of marriage. No date for the wedding can be set prior to the initial meeting with the pastor.

During the initial meeting, the couple and the pastor will:

  • Discuss any particular situations of circumstances that might have a hearing on the couple’s plans for marriage or preparation for marriage; for example, previous marriage(s) for either or both parties.
  • Discuss the process of preparation for marriage in this parish or in another diocese.
  • Discuss the jurisdictional requirements for being married in the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA.

The couple, with the pastor, will set the date and time of the marriage, as it is fitting and suitable to their schedules.

Procuring Documents

Catholics are to bring to the pastor a recently issued copy of their baptismal certificate (no more than six months (6) old including proof of Confirmation. Christians of other faith groups are to have a copy of their baptismal certificate as well. The pastor will indicate any other documents that will be required by the couple and explain the forms they will need to complete.

The couple will obtain the marriage license from the county clerk and bring it to the wedding rehearsal. The marriage license is valid for thirty (30) days from its date of issue.

Required Maturity

Archdiocesan guidelines stipulate that those contemplating marriage are to be eighteen (18) years of age or older. Marriage requires a degree of maturity necessary to assume and live out that vocation. If there is evidence that a couple is not yet ready for marriage, the ceremony can be postponed, thus affording time for the couple to better prepare for the lifelong commitment that marriage requires.

It is the pastor, according to Canon 1063 of the code of Canon Law, who determines the readiness for marriage after discussion with the couple.

Reasonable causes for postponing a church wedding include:

  • The Catholic party does not practice the faith and does not intend to return to its practice.
  • The Catholic party is not registered in this parish and is not registered in any other parish.
  • The pastor does not have delegation to perform the wedding from the Catholic party’s home parish. Without this delegation the marriage would be invalid!
  • Failure to participate in the required preparation program.
  • Inadequate time for preparation (the required preparation time is minimum of six (6) months.
  • Evident intention against the permanence of marriage, fidelity in marriage, or the procreation and education of children.
  • The Catholic does not intend to have children baptized and raise them in the Catholic faith.
  • If a Catholic first marries civilly, the blessing of the marriage can take place only after the couple has been together in that marriage for at least six (6) months. Neither civil marriage nor pregnancy will constitute reason for exception to the six months preparation and the minimum age for marriage. (In some countries, custom and law require that a civil ceremony precede the religious ceremony. This does effect the Active Duty military members in certain overseas assignments and will be taken into consideration. This civil requirement does not exist in the United States).

Additional Items

The Base Chapel is available for weddings for all active duty, retired military personnel and their dependents who hold a valid Armed Forces Identification (ID) Card. Scheduling of the chapel must be make through the pastor six (6) months in advanceDo not book an on base or off base facility for your reception until your wedding date is approved by the pastor.

Priority in scheduling must be given to active duty personnel and their dependents. Retired military personnel and their family members who hold a valid ID card will be accommodated on a time and space available basis.

A visiting priest is welcome to preside at your wedding. He will be required to do the marriage preparation and process the required paper work.

Wedding rehearsals are scheduled in the same manner as a wedding. Due to the extensive use of the chapel facilities, the rehearsal will be limited to one hour and the wedding to two hours, including photo session, set up and clean up time. Weekend wedding times will be at 1000, 1200 and 1400 hours on Saturdays. The chapel is not available on Sundays, Federal Holidays, the Season of Lent or Holy Days of Obligation.

While the Air Force provides the chapel for our wedding, it does not furnish custodial services. We strongly recommend a wedding coordinator to be used. If you elect not to use a wedding coordinator, you will need to sign a statement acknowledging your responsibilities for custodial services and the security of this facility.

Among many responsibilities, the wedding coordinator is responsible for opening and securing this facility, set up of the sanctuary, operation of the sound system and clean up of the facility after the wedding.

The environment/decor of the chapel reflects special seasons of the Church year (Advent, Christmas, Easter, etc). These decorations and placement of the sanctuary furniture will not be changed or moved for weddings.

The wedding coordinator will also give you a list of musicians and soloists utilized by the parish. The musician will assist you in choosing suitable music for the ceremony as directed by the guidelines of the Archdiocese.