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Grades 9-12 Life Teen

2014-2015 Class Schedule

Life Teen Documents

 We have an exciting year ahead!


I am Jessica Sandoval and here to welcome you to the Life Teen and EDGE programs here at Christ Prince of Peace. Life Teen and EDGE are catholic missionary programs centered on Mary and the Eucharist. We provide catechetical instruction for youth to have Christ and Catholicism in their daily lives. You can go to www.lifeteen.com for more information on our programs and see how Life Teen helps us as educators and parents bringing our teens closer to Christ.

This year, the Life Teen group is taking on the role of the missionary. We have been challenged by our Deacon to make our faith personal. With the help and supervision of the CORE team, our student leadership will plan and carry out our faith into the community.

Life Teen and EDGE are an integral part of the confirmation process. For more detailed information, see the youth confirmation link. I am excited to work with both you and your teen(s), together we can learn, live, and cry the Gospel.

God Bless you and your family

Jessica Sandoval

Catholic Youth Ministry Coordinator