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Community Life

One of the ways we build community and fellowship is by sharing a meal together. The goal of the community life ministry is to foster the sense of community and fellowship within Christ Prince of Peace Catholic Community by bringing the community members together to share food.

What Do We Do?

  • We hold at least one social event after a Sunday mass each month. This gives community members the opportunity to socialize, meet new people, say hi to visitors, talk to the priest and/or deacon, and get to know each other a little better.
  • We prepare receptions for many of the important celebrations held during the year to include Confirmation, First Communion, and welcoming in new members to the church after the Easter Vigil service.
  • We hold some events just for fun to include supporting the music ministry’s Christmas song and scripture event and a community summer picnic.
  • We’re always on standby to host receptions for visiting dignitaries, to prepare food for meetings and educational sessions, or to help with fundraisers

How can I help?

If the community life ministry sounds like something you’d like to help out with on a regular basis, Looking for volunteers

If you’d like to help out every once in a while, check the bulletin for opportunities to help.